KATARIBE: World setting

English / Japanese

KATARIBE is generic RPG system. There are many worlds.

HAZAMA - twilight zone of physical world and fantasy world

HAZAMA 06 - Heartwarming Everyday Fantasy

HA06 is comical Play by Web in strange Japan. We create other self in another Japan where an occult phenomenon exists really . Character live in the interval of strange every day and unusual event.

Pearl World - Fantasy , magic power from Ooparts

Pearl World is comical fantasy chat RPG . Magic is grow up with ooparts . Oparts is garbage discarded from our world . And ripe magic expands the dungeon like shell. It is metaphor of pearl (ooparts) and mother of pearl (dungeon) .

Under the Beanstalk - cyber action in the world decline

Under the Beanstalk is cyber action in the world decline.

main worlds(Japanese language)

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