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Pearl World is comical fantasy chat RPG . Magic is grow up with ooparts . Ooparts is garbage discarded from our world . And ripe magic expands the dungeon like shell. It is metaphor of pearl (ooparts) and mother of pearl (dungeon) .


Sample playing of "Pearl World" for English .

Game master (host player) :
You are before a cavern . The floor is easy to slide. Because , it is dampened water and covered moss . You are roll 2d6 . If it is 7 or more then your character is slips .
( 2d6: roll two dice and sum result . Game master is explain scene of game and character's risk . )
Player :
I wind the straw to the shoes .
( Player devises and want to make it easy to succeed .)
Game master :
ok. If your dice is 9 or more then your character is slips .
( Game master evaluates proposal and change the success rate .)
Player :
I roll it . ( Player roll the dice . )
dice :
2D6 [ 4+2 ] = 6
Game master :
result 6 . It is less 8 . Your character penetrated to the interior of the cavern safely.
( Game master depicts the result.)

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