HA06:CG:Young girl vs Older woman

English / Japanese

This is a work in HAZAMA 06 - Heartwarming Everyday Fantasy.


SAKURAI Tsumiki:
She is Hi-tou-ban. It is human being whose neck parts and flies. Hi-tou-ban is traditional monster of China . Young girl .
She can manipulate hair . Tetsunari's wife . Older woman .
CHOUSEI Tetsunari:
Naoko's husband . He is wizard of curry magic . He wanders well .

Young girl vs Older woman CG
Young girl vs Older woman / kurow

February 14 is St. Valentine's Day that is "Lady send the chocolate to her darling Man" day in Japan .

"I think on about sending a chocolate to Tetsunari . Anyhow , he can't get chocolate ."
"Your husband isn't hit with the girls . That is safe ."
"No . He is my partner throughout life ! He is worthy man ."
Sound Effect:
Bati Bati (Lightning Effect)

.. etc . Story is Episode "Taiketsu! komusume and obasan" . It is written by Japanese Language .

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